Heuer Autavia 1163 Siffert MK2 - Pawn Stars

HODINKEE - Rare "Siffert" Autavia Finds Its Way Onto "Pawn Stars"


If you like old watches, chances are you like old things. And if you like old things, you may be a Pawn Stars fan. You know, the History channel's look at a family-run Las Vegas pawn shop and the unbelievably strange stuff that comes through its doors? Well on a recent episode, all vintage watch nerds' hearts went aflutter when a watch showed up. But it wasn't some boring old Rolex or gold Patek Philippe. Nay, it was a Heuer, and a damn cool one at that.....

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What’s It Worth? Heuer Autavia Sold on Pawn Stars

Date: March 11th, 2014

Written By : Jeff Stein @ OnTheDash

Pawn Stars is an American “reality” television show that presents events occurring at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Episodes typically feature customers coming into the shop with a rare or collectible item (or perhaps something entirely worthless), and negotiating with the shops owners / employees to sell or pawn the item. Sometimes, a customer seeks to sell a valuable item, and is pleasantly surprised to discover its real value. In other instances, the customer believes that he has an item of great value, and is disappointed when the owner suggests that the item is common or even a counterfeit.

In the February 20, 2014 episode of Pawn Stars, a customer (“Randy”) sought to sell his vintage Heuer Autavia chronograph and negotiated the transaction with Rick. Randy indicated that his father had purchased the watch when it was new, around 1970, and that the watch had been in a drawer for the past 25 years, being worn infrequently.

You can watch the Pawn Stars Siffert episode video on your left here, and also can read the full article from Jeff Stein at OnTheDash.

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